• Disappointed with the free website builders offered by service providers?


    • Want more versatility, more features?


    • Want personal consultations with your designer about your needs and wishes for your web presence (all included in the fee)?


    • Want advice about hosting, backups, implementation, maintenance, add-on services, etc.?

Then email us now - and we can discuss your project.    We can also give you some information about websites we have already implemented.

We use, principally, the top, most versatile Open Source content management system, Joomla.    We can also develop sites using Wordpress.   This particular site uses Joomla, and has a 'responsive' template (meaning it works well, without having to make special arrangements, with smartphones as well as tablets, laptops, and desktops).  We have kep it deliberately very simple and uncluttered on this site - though it can have images, banners, feeds, embedded media, and much more.

To contact us, please use the contact form, or click here.

We work with all who need or would like to establish a web presence, and no project is too small - though we also enjoy the larger opportunities.    Individuals, clubs and societies, and businesses all use our services.

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